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SSPC: How Going 47’s in the 100m Freestyle Became Routine for James Magnussen

January 19, 2021

As promised, we brought back Aussie legend James Magnussen for part 3 of his swimming story. Maggie brought us through the tail end of his career, post-2013 world champs all the way to the 2016 Olympic Games. Before his shoulder injury in 2014, Magnussen describes his plan for racing as much as he could and how he came to casually drop in-season 47s every time he hit the pool.

It's worth a listen to hear this candid account of what being on top of the world can feel like... and how that feeling can bring you back down. James speaks to the fact that even though he could go 47 anytime, he was unmotivated by anything that wasn't Olympic gold. He was partying probably more than he should have to pass the time between the Comm games in 2014 and the Olympics, which as any swimmer knows is a long road. And then injury occurs.

Music: Otis McDonald

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