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SSPC: Nyls Korstanje “Whoever does best in the bad circumstances wins”

November 19, 2020

I sat down with NCAA All-American from NC State Nyls Korstanje, who is currently at home training in the Netherlands. Nyls has gone a few personal bests in his last few competitions and relates to us how his training and racing are going back in the Netherlands. He also tells a story from the European Youth Olympic Festival, a meet that had a big impact on his career.

Nyls said going into the meet, he did not have too many expectations but came out winning the 50 free. He said he was able to do this because the circumstances at the meet were pretty bad, yet in spite of that, Nyls told himself he would still swim his very best. From that, he learned that it's not the best swimmer who always wins, but the best swimmer in the circumstances.

Music: Otis McDonald

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